Walking the streets of any city in Italy is like walking through history, but it is even more so in Verona. There is no Via or Vicolo where there is not a thing of beauty, steeped in history, art and architecture. The city hosts the opera festival every year in the arena, second largest after the Colisseum in Rome. I had thought that the spectacular setting and the size would be fit for operas such as Aida and Nabucco, but was pleasantly surprised to see stunning performances of La Traviatta and La Boheme. However, the high point for me was when our restaurant owner who was a tenor stood up and sang Tosca.

I must have stopped at every Pasticcerias to sample dolci delights, they are to die for and the Soave, the Valpolicellas are enough to let you sit back and take a lazy ride through life. I even forgot about my trip to the Sun Valley.

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