Prof. Harbir Singh talked about his book that is based on interviews with CEO’s across one hundred and fifty Indian companies.
Four main themes were identified;
– Indian companies believe in a higher purpose which is more than just about profits.
– Indian Companies have a greater engagement with their employees.
– Adaptability and flexibility have allowed them to overcome a very regulated environment.
However, flexibility could also become a disadvantage.
– Corporate Social Responsibility is taken to a different level; it is not just philanthropy but very much part of the business.
The joint ventures with Japanese companies such as Hero Honda and Maruti Suzuki have brought to Indian companies the hallmark of Japanese discipline and consistency. Among other things, he talked about the importance of CSR in India, the operational involvement of Indian CEO’s and the relevance of country culture vs company culture.
He reminded the audience that it took a long time for American companies to go global and India is in its early stages of development. He encouraged companies to not postpone decision to enter India despite all the risks.

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