The Energy Challenge for India

Vikram Singh Mehta is Chairman of the Shell Group of Companies in India since 1994. His career began with the Indian Administrative Service, Government of India in 1978. Mr. Mehta has held several Advisory and Specialist-level positions with several petroleum companies. He was Senior Economist for Phillips Petroleum in the UK and US from 1980 – 1984; Advisor (Strategic Planning) to Oil India and the Ministry of Petroleum, Government of India from 1984 – 1988 and Managing Director of Shell Markets and Chemicals, Egypt from 1991 – 93.

Vikram talked about the impact of the Arab spring on the oil market and the new game changers in the global energy system. He discussed the energy challenges confronting India in context of the future energy mix and the policy response to emerging geopolitical /economic and environmental challenges. Did he think that the  current political crisis in India would have an impact on the energy policy? He answered questions on the nature of global competition for energy resources with particular reference to China and India.

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