Global Ambitions of Indian Champions

During the breakfast with Mr. Sunil Munjal a number of topics came up and the first one was on government reversing the decision on FDI in retail.

The audience was interested to know why Indian companies are going global just when the rest of the world is eyeing the large Indian market. There was interest also in Hero’s future plans and ambitions in becoming a global brand. The recent separation from Honda raised questions on the future of JVs in India.

Since Sunil is a member of the Prime Minister’s Council on Trade and Industry, he was asked for his opinion on the way the Government is dealing with a slower than expected growth and typical issues of corruption and lack of alignment in the coalition.

Further along the session he talked about how the conglomerate model is still very favourable despite all the changes that have happened post liberalisation.

Other questions were related to his views on CSR for business and how he perceived the future of the UK – India relationship.

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