The Future of Globalisation

Dr. Parag Khanna – Senior Research Fellow at the New America Foundation, Senior Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations and Visiting fellow at LSE IDEAS spoke at Chatham House about the Future of Globalisation.
According to him Globalisation is alive and well with almost all countries and continents trading with each other.
The world, he said, had moved from Geo Politics – all about balance of power, armaments and war for natural resources to Geo Economics – about currency reserves and foreign investments. However, the debate about the divide between GP and GE was irrelevant because what connects the two is Geo Technology. The role of technology has been severely undermined by political and social scientists as they understood neither economics nor technology.
His view is that we have moved from Structural Change to Systems Change with a new world order where the power and authority are up for grabs. Loyalty to a passport and to a nationality has been relegated to loyalty to an Apple or a Goldman Sachs – their power transcends geographical boundaries and economic influence. His view on the Eurozone was that it is in the countries’ interest to stay together for together they will hold more power and influence in the new era of the emerging Chinese superpower.
Today, what is of interest is not the rise of Asia, but the rise of all Emerging Markets and the cross trading among them.

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