An invitation to dinner at El Bulli is like being invited to tea by the Queen. Friends tiptoed around me, held their breath, and gazed at me like an angel from heaven because I suppose mere mortals don’t get a chance to get to eat at El Bulli. I had a 38-course vegetarian meal. I present the menu below.

It is situated in Costa Brava on the coast of Spain, and it truly invites you to a complete sensory experience; the beautiful coast, the waves crashing on the rocks below, and of course the gustatory experience is paramount led by your nose.

We stayed in a an old farmhouse, Mas Falgarona, run by a couple and a part of the Relais chain of hotels. Well this is how I would like my house to be – such peace and tranquility, fresh figs and pears from the garden, and Spanish wines from their cellar which would be serious competition to Burgundys.

This is close to Figueres home of Dali and his Theatre museum. He was a master, an engineer, an architect, a scientist and a visionary. He was trying to create 3D images and his famous Lincoln woman painting is something I am working on.  When you look at the large canvas you see the back of a curvaceous woman, but readjusting your eye you see the head of Abe Lincoln. And when I tried to capture this in camera all I got was Abe Lincoln. Further down the coast is where he lived with his muse and wife. It is a collection of fishermen’s cottages, added at different points in time. The house is best described as higgledy piggledy.

It is a trip worth making. Better to do it sooner than later.

El Bulli Menu

The chocolate box

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