Marketing Consultancy

Specialisation in strategic inputs for marketing and business planning in Emerging and Growth Markets based on market data, inspired by consumer insights, and informed by economic, political, and socio-cultural ground realities. Based in London and Mumbai, drawing on an extensive network of associates, leaders, thinkers, and opinion makers across the globe to provide solutions and a point of view that rely on soft and hard data. Understanding the DNA of Emerging Markets and their complexities help in offering strategies that will turn challenges into opportunities based on real case studies and projects. Target groups include business managers and CEOs, industrialists, politicians, civil servants, academics, social scientists, financial institutions, BOP consumers and affluent buyers.

Kamini has worked with several companies which were entering India in the 90’s. These included Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola, Mercedes, and MTV among others that were primarily launching existing brands and models from home countries. Initial failure led to developing new business models for a far less affluent, unorganised, and highly fragmented market serving a completely different consumer culture.

Through her regular columns and blogs for The Economic Times, teaching MBA students, serving on editorial boards of business magazines, and talking at industry conferences, Kamini has been able to crystallise and distil learnings to larger audiences.

This culminated in her co-authoring a book on marketing strategies in emerging markets, “The 86% Solution” published by the Wharton Press. It was awarded the Best Marketing Book in 2007 by the American Marketing Association and was translated into several languages.




Consumer Goods, Durables, Services, Travel, Health


Emerging Markets, UK, North America